Apache StreamPipes for Pythonistas: IIoT data handling made easy!
Tim Bossenmaier, Sven Oehler

Data enthusiasts love to play with IIoT data. However, the technical challenges remain high (e.g., connect to devices). @StreamPipes makes this easy by providing a self-service toolbox. In this talk, we introduce a new python module to work with IIoT data in a pythonic way.

Aspect-oriented Programming - Diving deep into Decorators
Mike Müller

Effectively programming cross-cutting task with decorators - Code re-use via the @ symbol

Delivering AI at Scale
Severin Schmitt, Anna Achenbach, Thorsten Kranz

Unbelievable tricks to integrate AI into a company with 600k colleagues – experts are shocked!” Learn about Deutsche Post DHL Group’s journey towards a Data-Driven company, with Use Cases, technology details and code snippets #yournextcareerstep #ai #datascience #forecasting

evosax: JAX-Based Evolution Strategies
Robert Lange

Tired of having to handle asynchronous processes for neuroevolution? Do you want to leverage high-throughput accelerators for evolution strategies (ES)? evosax allows you to leverage JAX, XLA compilation & auto-vectorization/parallelization to scale ES to accelerators.

Keynote - How Are We Managing? Data Teams Management IRL
Noa Tamir

The title “Data Scientist” has been in use for 15 years now. We have been attending PyData conferences for over 10 years as well. The hype around data science and AI seems higher than ever before. But How are we managing? Let's talk about Data Science Management IRL.

Monorepos with Python

Monorepos have been successful in other communities - how does it work in Python ?

PyLadies Panel Session. Tech Illusions and the Unbalanced Society: Finding Solutions for a Better Future

PyLadies chapters around the world reflect on their contributions in advocating for gender representation and leadership as well as combating biases and the gender pay gap.

PyLadies Workshop

Know your rights! PyLadies and Berlin Tech Workers Coalition will unveil important details on work contracts and your rights to get you covered in case of layoffs

The future of the Jupyter Notebook interface
Jeremy Tuloup

Jupyter Notebook 7 is the new version of the popular document-oriented notebook interface. It comes packed with a lot of new features, and its future looks bright!

The Spark of Big Data: An Introduction to Apache Spark
Pasha Finkelshteyn

Spark your big data skills! Learn Apache Spark basics: data frames, SQL APIs, and merging data for Python devs new to big data & tech explorers. Don't miss out! #ApacheSpark #BigData #Python

What could possibly go wrong? - An incomplete guide on how to prevent, detect & mitigate biases in data products
Lea Petters

Data Ethics: What could possibly go wrong? - An incomplete guide on how to prevent, detect & mitigate biases in data products

Workshop on Privilege and Ethics in Data
Tereza Iofciu, Paula Gonzalez Avalos

Data-driven Products are built by humans. Humans are intrinsically biased. This bias goes into the products, which amplifies the original bias. In this tutorial, you will learn how to identify your biases and reflect on the consequences of unchecked biases in Data Products.

You are what you read: Building a personal internet front-page with spaCy and Prodigy
Victoria Slocum

The internet can be overwhelming, so I made a tool to create a personalized summary of it! Through building this internet front-page project, I've learned how the design concepts of tools like spaCy and Prodigy can facilitate the development of both complex and simple software.