Within this talk, I want to look at the topic of data ethics with a practical lens and facilitate the discussion about how we can establish ethical data practices into our day to day work. I will shed some light on the multiple sources of biases in data applications: Where are potential pitfalls and how can we prevent, detect and mitigate them early so they never become a risk for our data product. I will walk you through the different stages of a data product lifecycle and dive deeper into the questions we as data professionals have to ask ourselves throughout the process. Furthermore, I will present methods, tools and libraries that can support our work. Being well aware that there is no universal solution as tools and strategies need to be chosen to specifically address requirements of the use-case and models at hand, my talk will provide a good starting point for your own data ethics journey.

Lea Petters

Affiliation: inovex GmbH

Data Scientist & Data PM @ inovex | PhD Behavioral Economics | special interests: data ethics, causality, mathematical modeling, data strategy