Accelerating Public Consultations with Large Language Models: A Case Study from the UK Planning Inspectorate
Michele Dallachiesa, Andreas Leed

New study shows Large Language Models can accelerate public consultations by streamlining the analysis process of representations for Local Plans. Results show the potential for 30% faster analysis time and up to 90% classification accuracy #AI #NLP #DataScience #pyconde @PINSgov

Ask-A-Question: an FAQ-answering service for when there's little to no data
Suzin You

Doing data science in international development often means dealing with more resource-constraints. This talk will walk you through Ask-A-Question, a simple FAQ-answering service for when there's little to no data that we built for WhatsApp helplines for public health.

Building a Personal Assistant With GPT and Haystack: How to Feed Facts to Large Language Models and Reduce Hallucination.
Mathis Lucka

Building a Personal Assistant With GPT and Haystack: How to Feed Facts to Large Language Models and Reduce Hallucination.

Contributing to an open-source content library for NLP
Leonard Püttmann

Learn to build amazing open-source enrichments for natural language processing!

Haystack for climate Q/A
Vibha Vikram Rao

Haystack for climate Q/A - How to build POCs quickly and take it to production

How Chatbots work – We need to talk!
Yuqiong Weng, Katrin Reininger

We need to talk - All about concepts, techniques as well as practical experience with the Rasa framework for building a chatbot

How to baseline in NLP and where to go from there
Tobias Sterbak

Join us for a talk on baselines in NLP! We'll cover common tasks like classification, clustering, search, and NER, and discuss how to establish and improve baselines using weak learning. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of NLP baselines!

How to teach NLP to a newbie & get them started on their first project
Lisa Andreevna Chalaguine

Learn how to teach people to analyse textual data with the help of Python

Incorporating GPT-3 into practical NLP workflows
Ines Montani

Large language models like @OpenAI GPT-3 can complement existing machine learning workflows really well. You can get initial annotations from GPT-3, quickly fix them with an annotation tool like , and train a cheaper and better model.

Methods for Text Style Transfer: Text Detoxification Case
Daryna Dementieva

How to detoxify texts? How to collect parallel corpus for text style transfer task? How to transfer the knowledge of a style between languages? We answer these questions in this talk.

Prompt Engineering 101: Beginner intro to LangChain, the shovel of our ChatGPT gold rush."
Lev Konstantinovskiy

A modern AI start-up is a front-end developer plus a prompt engineer" is a popular joke on Twitter. This talk is about LangChain, a Python open-source tool for prompt engineering.

The Battle of Giants: Causality vs NLP => From Theory to Practice
Aleksander Molak

Join us for a workshop on the latest advances in Causal NLP to see the Causal Transformer in action! All in Python! ❤️

Using transformers – a drama in 512 tokens
Marianne Stecklina

Nearly all pretrained transformers have an annoying limitation: they can only process short input sequences. Watch me rant about it ;-)

You are what you read: Building a personal internet front-page with spaCy and Prodigy
Victoria Slocum

The internet can be overwhelming, so I made a tool to create a personalized summary of it! Through building this internet front-page project, I've learned how the design concepts of tools like spaCy and Prodigy can facilitate the development of both complex and simple software.

“Who is an NLP expert?” - Lessons Learned from building an in-house QA-system
Nico Kreiling, Alina Bickel

Imagine to have somethingn like ChatGPT for your worklife! Or at least a bot you could ask about all your internal documents? We tried to build something like that @scieneers and will tell you about our journey #haystack #weaviate