Accelerating Python Code
Jens Nie

Struggling to get your Python simulation prototype to production because you think it's too slow? Let's speed it up using #PyPy, #numpy, #numba and friends.

Modern typed python: dive into a mature ecosystem from web dev to machine learning

Typing is at the center of „modern Python“, and tools (mypy, beartype) and libraries (FastAPI, SQLModel, Pydantic, DocArray) based on it are slowly eating the Python world. This talks explores the benefits of Python type hints, and shows how they are infiltrating the next big do

Specifying behavior with Protocols, Typeclasses or Traits. Who wears it better (Python, Scala 3, Rust)?
Kolja Maier

Did you ever wonder how to elegantly & safely abstract over concepts in your code? Check out Python's `typing.Protocol`, Scala's Typeclasses, and Rust's Traits!

What are you yield from?
Maxim Danilov

In this talk we will discover why many developers avoid using generators in regular python code.