Working with python is fun. Managing python packaging, linters, tests, CI, etc. is not as fun.

Every maintainer needs to worry about consistent styling, quality, speed of tests, etc as the project grows.

Monorepos have been successful in other communities - how does it work in Python ?


Affiliation: Corridor Platforms

Hi, I'm Abdeali Kothari - a.k.a Ali (if we're talking) or @AbdealiLoKo (if we're typing)
I graduated from IIT Madras and then worked with American Express, followed by Corridor Platforms where I am architecting a Decisioning platform for analytics in the Financial domain.

I've dabbled with Robotics, Operating System architectures, Machine Learning, Game Development, and Web Development a lot for a bunch of personal projects.
And worked mainly in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Analytics in the Financial Domain for enterprise-productional use-cases.

I'm a big fan of code hygiene and clean architecture. With a lot of Code Analytics experience under my belt.
And worked mainly in Python in all the above fields for about 13 years now (Back when the first blogpost telling us to stop using Python 2.x was written :D)

I'm extremely lazy - and hence an automation freak. And have created great automated test suites and CI/CD pipelines to help me remain lazy.

visit the speaker at: Github