Jupyter Notebooks have been a widely popular tool for data science in recent years due to their ability to combine code, text, and visualizations in a single document.

Despite its popularity, the core functionality and user experience of the Classic Jupyter Notebook interface has remained largely unchanged over the past years.

Lately the Jupyter Notebook project decided to base its next major version 7 on JupyterLab components and extensions, which means many JupyterLab features are also available to Jupyter Notebook users.

In this presentation, we will demo the new features coming in Jupyter Notebook version 7 and how they are relevant to existing users of the Classic Notebook.

Jeremy Tuloup

Affiliation: QuantStack

Jeremy Tuloup is a Technical Director at QuantStack and a Jupyter Distinguished Contributor. Maintainer and contributor of JupyterLab, JupyterLite, Jupyter Notebook, Voilà Dashboards, and many projects within the Jupyter ecosystem.

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