How can NLP and Haystack help answer sustainability questions and fight climate change? In this talk we walkthrough our experience using Haystack to build Question Answering Models for the climate change and sustainability domain. We discuss how we did it, some of the challenges we faced, and what we learnt along the way!

Vibha Vikram Rao

Affiliation: Briink

Hi, I am Vibha Vikram Rao. I currently work as a (Senior)ML engineer at Climate Tech Startup --Briink based out of Berlin. The reason I got into NLP was with the hope that someday every child would have access to an amazing tool which would be able to read books and would be able to explain it to the child even if they don't have access to good teachers. So I started my NLP journey with text Summarization systems. I have a total of around 4 years of experience in Applied NLP.