Sometimes the internet can be a bit overwhelming, so I thought I would make a tool to create a personalized summary of it! In this talk, I'll demonstrate a personal front-page project that allows me to filter info on the internet on a certain topic, built using spaCy, an open-source library for NLP, and Prodigy, a scriptable annotation tool. With this project, I learned about the power of working with tools that provide extensive customizability without sacrificing ease of use. Throughout the talk, I'll also discuss how design concepts of developer tools can improve the development experience when building complex and adaptable software.

Victoria Slocum

Affiliation: Explosion

Victoria is a Developer Advocate at Explosion, where she supports the Natural Language Processing community around the popular open-source library spaCy, the annotation tool Prodigy and other developer tools. Besides running marathons, learning new languages, and building fun machine learning projects about music and food, she loves learning about natural language processing and ensures that the open-source community has everything they need to do the same.

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