Pandas has reached a 2.0 milestone in 2023. But what does that mean? And what is coming after 2.0? This talk will give an overview of what happened in the latest releases of pandas and highlight some topics and major new features the pandas project is working on.

Joris Van den Bossche

Affiliation: Voltron Data

I am a core contributor to Pandas and Apache Arrow, and maintainer of GeoPandas. I did a PhD at Ghent University and VITO in air quality research and worked at the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science. Currently, I work at Voltron Data, contributing to Apache Arrow, and am a freelance teacher of python (pandas) at Ghent University.

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Patrick Hoefler

Affiliation: Coiled

I am a member of the pandas core team since early 2021. I am a regular contributor of pandas since early 2020. I am currently working at Coiled as a Senior Software Engineer. I hold a Masters degree in Mathematics and I am currently studying towards a Software Engineering degree.

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