Job description

We have a high-performance Python backend that is dedicated to storing user documents (API projects) in a way that supports versioning, branches, and update diffing. This backend is built on top of libgit2 (the C library that powers Git) and uses Cython bindings. You’ll own parts of this complex infrastructure and will work closely with the backend engineers and architects.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Work and own parts of our high-performance Git-based document storage backend
  • Work on improving the performance and reliability
  • Integrate the backend with new micro-services to leverage it for various projects in the company (the Git-based backend will be a platform for other applications to run on)
Appreciated qualification and experience
  • Have a strong technical background in building Python backend applications with more than 5 years of experience.
  • Knowledge of various Python backend frameworks (e.g. Django, Tornado, Flask)
  • Experience with low-level programming languages (C, C++)
  • Desire to write clean, maintainable, testable code
  • A deep understanding and experience with parallel processing/concurrent programming
  • Autonomous, learner, builder, creator, achiever... You know how to get things done!
  • Collaborative and how to work in a team to achieve our goals as one team.

Contract person

Tristan Mackrory (

How to apply