Job description

Data Science refers to the extraction of knowledge from data. We achieve this through the use of the most modern tools from the areas of big data, high performance computing and artificial intelligence, especially deep learning. Our solutions in the area of predictive analytics allow the safe operation of critical infrastructures. An agile way of working and technological expertise enable us to master the greatest challenges. You will become part of our self-organizing teams, in which an exchange of knowledge with colleagues from different departments is inherent. We have the highest demands on ourselves to learn new things and to perfect old things. In this way, we are prepared for the future.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Development of algorithms for the detection and classification of objects from data, that has been measured by our pipeline inspection equipment
  • Active participation and influencing towards technology trends in the areas of High Performance Computing, NoSQL Databases and Big Data
  • Collection, preparation, processing and analysis of large heterogeneous data sources
  • Development of algorithmic methods in the areas of Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, and the use of 3rd party components
  • Preparation of algorithms in minimum viable product (MVP) form, with a strong focus and commitment towards customer experience
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork with, for example, the integration of algorithms into our software applications
Appreciated qualification and experience
  • Degree in Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or comparable field of study (Ph.D. level is also desirable)
  • Experience in the area of Computer Vision, especially with respect to Pattern Recognition and Segmentation
  • Demonstrable skills in the area of Applied Statistics and Data Mining
  • High level problem solving skills in the area of Machine Learning, Parameter Extraction and Classification
  • Sound knowledge of Applied Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Optimization Methods, Stochastics)
  • Ability to program in at least one object oriented Programming Language (e.g. Python, C/C++ or Java)
  • Good verbal and written English communication skills

Contract person

Kerstin Reichhardt (

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