Avoiding Waste: No Give-Aways at the Conference 🗑🙅

In line with our commitment to act sustainably and responsibly, there will be no give-aways at the conference. In the past we have distributed bags with flyers and other items to attendees.

This decision has been made for several reasons:

Environmental Consciousness 🌳

Many give-aways are often used only briefly and subsequently end up as waste. This leads to unnecessary trash and an increased carbon footprint. By refraining from such items, we reduce our ecological impact and promote a more sustainable event.

Focus on What Matters 🤗

Our conference aims to share knowledge, strengthen networks, and drive innovation. We believe that the true value of our event lies in the content and the relationships formed there, not in physical items.

Responsible Spending 💰

Instead of allocating resources for give-aways, we prefer to invest these funds in high-quality content, improved technologies, and scholarships for underrepresented groups.

We recognize that give aways are often an expected and appreciated gesture for many attendees. However, we hope you can understand and support our decision in light of the reasons mentioned above.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to providing you with a content-rich and inspiring conference experience.

What about the T-Shirts? 👕

We are aware that T-Shirts are valuable memorabilia for conferece attendees. After closer investigation we came to the conclusion that these T-Shirts are worn often and put to good use. Therefore, we will still offer T-Shirts to conference attendees. T-Shirts will be available on pre-order when pruchasing a ticket only.