🌟 Welcome to the PyConDE & PyData Berlin Discord! Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of our community. 🌟 First and foremost, the conference spaces, both online and physical, are governed by the Code of Conduct. We encourage you to read it before participating in our community.

🌟 Be a Model Discord Citizen Our community runs on volunteers and collaboration. Please be respectful and supportive of others. If a conversation gets heated, try to defuse it, and if a hard question goes unanswered, collaborate with others to find a solution.

🌟 The conference is International The conference language is English. Be mindful when cross-posting content across multiple channels. Use threading for longer or more involved conversations to help other members join your conversation more easily.

🌟 Some Channels are More Active than Others We consider PyConDE & PyData Berlin a great setting to showcase the work of the community and would like to encourage networking and business related discussions, as well as keep the conference presentations meaningful and interesting for everyone. We therefore:

  • only allow company marketing or recruiting related activities at the conference in accordance with our sponsor agreements
  • allow posting about Open Source projects
  • allow posting about community driven events and community driven conferences
  • allow posting about announcing birds of feather “let’s meet top discuss about X at lunch in C next to the stairs”

🌟🌟 Thank you for Following these Rules! We appreciate your participation in our international and diverse community. We all have similar goals, and we can support one another in achieving them. Let's continue to collaborate and make this community a welcoming and helpful space for everyone!