Keynote - A journey through 4 industries with Python: Python's versatile problem-solving toolkit
Susan Shu Chang

Susan, Principal Data Scientist at Elastic, shares her experiences with Python in 4 industries, from telecom, gaming and beyond.

Keynote - How Are We Managing? Data Teams Management IRL
Noa Tamir

The title “Data Scientist” has been in use for 15 years now. We have been attending PyData conferences for over 10 years as well. The hype around data science and AI seems higher than ever before. But How are we managing? Let's talk about Data Science Management IRL.

Keynote - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Miroslav Šedivý

A randomly real and a really random journey to discover the balance between real and random data!

Keynote - Towards Learned Database Systems
Carsten Binnig

ML and DBMSs? Carsten talks about data-driven learning where the idea is to learn the data distribution over a complex relational schema.