PyData Berlin are excited to bring you this open source workshop dedicated to contributing to pandas. This tutorial is 3 hours. We will have a break and continue with the same group of people.

pandas is a data wrangling platform for Python widely adopted in the scientific computing community. In this session, you will be guided on how you can make your own contributions to the project, no prior experience contributing required! Not only will this teach you new skills and boost your CV, you'll also likely get a nice adrenaline rush when your contribution is accepted!

If you don’t finish your contribution during the event, we hope you will continue to work on it after the tutorial. pandas offers regular new contributor meetings and has a slack space to provide ongoing support for new contributors. For more details, see our contributor community page: .

Noa Tamir

Affiliation: neue fische

Noa have been involved with the R and PyData communities for some time, with a focus on community building and DEI. They are a NumFOCUS member of the Board of Directors and DISC committee, PyLadies Organizer, and chaired the PyData Berlin 2022 conference. In addition, they are a Lead Data Science Coach at neue fische, contributing to pandas, and are currently developing the Contributor Experience Community and Handbook with Inessa Pawson and Melissa Mendonça.

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Patrick Hoefler

Affiliation: Coiled

I am a member of the pandas core team since early 2021. I am a regular contributor of pandas since early 2020. I am currently working at Coiled as a Senior Software Engineer. I hold a Masters degree in Mathematics and I am currently studying towards a Software Engineering degree.

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