In this talk, I’d be talking about Zarr, an open-source data format for storing chunked, compressed N-dimensional arrays. This talk presents a systematic approach to understanding and implementing Zarr by showing how it works, the need for using it, and a hands-on session at the end. Zarr is based on an open technical specification, making implementations across several languages possible. I’d mainly talk about Zarr’s Python implementation and show how it beautifully interoperates with the existing libraries in the PyData stack.

Sanket Verma

Affiliation: Zarr

Sanket is a data scientist based out of New Delhi, India. He likes to build data science tools and products and has worked with startups, government and organisations. He loves building community and bringing everyone together and is Chair of PyData Delhi and PyData Global. Currently, he's taking care of the community and OSS at Zarr as their Community Manager. When he’s not working, he likes to play the violin and computer games and sometimes thinks of saving the world!

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