Jupyter notebooks are a popular tool for data science and scientific computing, allowing users to mix code, text, and multimedia in a single document. However, sharing Jupyter notebooks can be challenging, as they require installing a specific software environment to be viewed and executed.

JupyterLite is a Jupyter distribution that runs entirely in the web browser without any server components. A significant benefit of this approach is the ease of deployment. With JupyterLite, the only requirement to provide a live computing environment is a collection of static assets. In this talk, we will show how you can create such static website and deploy it to your users.

Jeremy Tuloup

Affiliation: QuantStack

Jeremy Tuloup is a Technical Director at QuantStack and a Jupyter Distinguished Contributor. Maintainer and contributor of JupyterLab, JupyterLite, Jupyter Notebook, Voilà Dashboards, and many projects within the Jupyter ecosystem.

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