The importance of enterprise architecture patterns is all well-known and applicable to varied types of tasks. Thinking about the architecture from the beginning of the journey is crucial to have a maintainable, therefore testable, and flexible code base. In We are going to explore the Ports and Adapters(Hexagonal) pattern by showing a simple web app using Repository, Unit of Work, and Services(Use Cases) patterns tied together with Dependency Injection. All those patterns are quite famous in other languages but they are relatively new for the Python ecosystem, which is a crucial missing part. As a web framework, we are going to use FastAPI which can be replaced with any framework in a matter of time because of the abstractions we have added.

Shahriyar Rzayev

Affiliation: Nord Security

Senior Software Engineer. Moving forward on Clean Code and Clean Architecture. Previous accomplishments include contributing to open source, providing technical direction, and sharing knowledge about Clean Code and Architectural patterns. An empathetic team player and mentor. Azerbaijan Python Group Leader. Former QA Engineer and Bug Hunter.

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