Do you struggle with PRs? Have you ever had to change code even though you disagreed with the change just to land the PR? Have you ever given feedback that would have improved the code only to get into a comment war? We'll discuss how to give and receive feedback to extract maximum value from it and avoid all the communication problems that come with PRs.

David Andersson

Affiliation: Canonical

I started as a web developer after university with an Australian telco developing websites using Python and JavaScript. After a few years, I switched to product management looking after developer telco products such as an API for sending and receiving SMS where I overhauled the developer portal improving the developer experience. Then I switched back to engineering leadership looking after a team that was creating private and public cloud products where I launched a new private cloud product.

After a few years in the telco industry, I switched to Canonical where I lead a team of developer automating operations using and creating open source tooling.

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