PyScript brings the full PyData stack in the browser, opening up to unprecedented use cases for interactive data-intensive applications. In this scenario, the web browser becomes a ubiquitous computing platform, operating within a (nearly) zero-installation & server-less environment.

In this talk, we will explore how to create full-fledged interactive front-end machine learning applications using PyScript. We will dive into the the main features of the PyScript platform (e.g. built-in Javascript integration and local modules ), discussing new data & design patterns (e.g. loading heterogeneous data in the browser), required to adapt and to overcome the limitations imposed by the new operating environment (i.e. the browser).

Valerio Maggio

Affiliation: Anaconda inc.

Valerio Maggio is a Data scientist, a Developer Advocate at Anaconda. Valerio is well versed into open science and research software, advocating the use of best software development practice in Data Science. He is member of the Software Sustainability Institute (profile) where he has been awarded a fellowing to develop focusing on Privacy-Preserving Machine learning technologies. Valerio is an active member of the Python community. Over the last twelve years Valerio has contributed and volunteered to the organisation of many international conferences and local meet-ups like PyCon Italy, EuroPython, EuroSciPy and PyData. All his talks, workshop materials and open source contributions are publicly available on his Speaker Deck and GitHub profile pages.

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