Job description

We're looking for a Data Engineer (m/f/d) to join the Network Analysis team in our Network Planning Domain.

The team you’ll be joining builds internal products to provide data-driven decision making and intelligent automation in the Network Planning domain. The cross-functional, product-focused team supports Flix in general, and network planning in particular, to understand how the long-distance coach and train markets work by leveraging internal and external data and applying data science methods. Our tech stack includes Python, R, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, AWS, Kubernetes, Datadog and Gitlab.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Implement and continuously improve the ETL pipelines for the team, ingesting data from the company's Data Lake, Data Warehouse, or Streaming Platform (Kafka).
  • Construct and support deployment pipelines using different workflow orchestration tools such as GitLab CI/CD and Airflow.
  • Collaborate with other engineers in the team to enhance the data architecture and data pipelines that power the team's products.
  • Work on sharing the team's data with other tech teams, for instance via Kafka or APIs.
  • Ensure that data quality and pipelines can be monitored by the team.
  • Participate in continuous improvements and maintenance of the Data Warehouse and databases.
  • Collaborate with business and technology stakeholders to assess data sources, techniques, and tools for data-driven decision-making.
Appreciated qualification and experience
  • 2+ years of industry experience in data engineering, with strong skills in Python and SQL.
  • Experience with cloud-based data pipeline architecture and design, as well as workflow orchestration using tools like Apache Airflow.
  • Familiarity with database optimization, system monitoring, and error handling, with experience using tools like Datadog.
  • Comfortable with deployment tools like Kubernetes and Docker, and with automated testing and CI/CD.
  • Interest in machine learning projects and implementing clean code principles.
  • Effective communication skills and able to represent the team in technical and non-technical contexts.

Contract person

Prabha Pothen (

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