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As a Developer Advocate at Auth0, your job is to inspire, educate, and guide developers to better secure their applications. Developer advocates have two main focuses. The first is to educate developers about Auth0 by Okta and identity through speaking at events, creating live and recorded video content, writing, appearing on podcasts, and other creative mediums within your community. The second is to serve the larger developer community by answering questions and listening to feedback at events, on forums, GitHub, social media, and Slack and Discord servers. You will then take that information and share it with other marketing, engineering, and documentation teams at Auth0 to help improve our developer experience. These two objectives also include working on programs like Auth0 Ambassadors, collaborating with engineering teams, working on open source libraries, and building internal tooling and reporting applications. For all of these tasks, you will measure your impact both quantitatively and qualitatively and adjust course as needed.

Duties and responsibilities

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Appreciated qualification and experience
  • 5+ years experience as a developer, preferably with programming languages like JavaScript or Python.
  • You find joy in serving the community and helping fellow developers get better at their jobs.
  • You're an educator at heart who loves teaching developers how to build amazing things.
  • You're comfortable taking complex topics and making them accessible to developers of different experience levels.
  • You enjoy speaking in front of groups of developers at conferences and meetups. Writing excites you - part of teaching is developing content!
  • You will be the first to try new APIs and products. You're not afraid to roll your sleeves up to write code snippets and sample applications. Even better, you can articulate ways they can be improved to make all developers’ lives easier.
  • You are a strong independent contributor, but you enjoy collaborating with teammates and multi-functional teams.
  • You are comfortable learning multiple skills simultaneously and managing multiple projects at once. Your passion for technology inspires you to explore your curiosity; you love learning new things.
  • You find a fast-paced, constantly iterative environment engaging and stimulating. Germany Proficiency: Ability to effectively produce written and oral content for publication in German,
  • English Proficiency: Ability to effectively produce written and oral content for publication in English and communicate with global teams. Including but not limited to, team meetings, company-wide meetings (all-hands), documents, email and slack. You are able to travel 30% of the year (as safety allows).

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