Job description

As a Developer Productivity Engineer at QuantCo, you will work together with Data Scientists and Software Engineers to ensure a highly effective development infrastructure. While we value the DevOps slogan “You build it, you run it,.” there are parts of our infrastructure that are used by every team. We require specialised attention to ensure they run smoothly and need a dedicated resource to take care of them accordingly.

Duties and responsibilities

We are looking for someone who combines the skills of a Site Reliability Engineer with an in-depth knowledge of Engineering Effectiveness principles. You will establish processes that allows teams to develop software as efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that the fundamental tools for running a productive DevOps culture are in place.

Appreciated qualification and experience
  • Proficiency in software development and packaging in Python
  • In-depth knowledge of software development in Linux and Windows
  • Experience with at least one popular DBMS. Familiarity with MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server/T-SQL, Snowflake, BigQuery is an advantage
  • Expertise in working with containerized applications and respective orchestration services like Kubernetes or Nomad
  • At least a year of experience as a full-time developer
  • Good communication skills to interact with users of the development infrastructure
  • Knowledge of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) best practices is a plus
  • A sense for automation in the right places
  • Experience in setting up IDEs for Python
  • Adaptability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams of technical and non-technical individuals with different cultural backgrounds
  • Business proficiency in English. Conversational proficiency in German is an asset but is not required
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