PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2023 reviewing process is finally complete. The reviewing process is an essential part of the conference's success. It is the mechanism by which we evaluate the quality and suitability of the talks submitted for presentation at the conference. Through this process, we can ensure that the conference program is informative, engaging, and valuable to attendees.

This year we received 410 talk proposals. Each proposal was reviewed by at least 3 PC members or reviewers. The acceptance rate was around 22%. We would like to express our appreciation to the program committee members and reviewers who have volunteered their time and expertise to make this process possible. Without their hard work and dedication, the conference would not be possible.

Program Committee Chairs

  • Ricardo Kawase (Adevinta /
  • Alina Lenhardt (Cerence Inc.)
  • Florian Wilhelm (Inovex GmbH)

Program Committee Members

  • Matthias Hofmann (BASF)
  • Nitya Mandyam (Codecademy)
  • Amartya Ranjan Saikia (DigiLab, LSBG)
  • Lev Konstantinovskiy
  • Lisa Chalaguine (ProcureAI)
  • Masahiro Morino (PyCon JP)
  • Sherri Hadian (RWTH Aachen University)
  • Christopher Schultz (University of Maryland Global Campus)

Volunteers Reviewers

  • Mohammed Almarakby (Zalando SE)
  • Mohammad Al-rifai (Volkswagen AG)
  • Bhavesh Bhansali (Adevinta /
  • Antonia Blair (Pyladies)
  • Tim Bossenmaier (Inovex GmbH)
  • Dietmar Czubak (Adevinta /
  • Francesca Diana (Codecentric AG)
  • Hagop Dippel (Zalando SE)
  • Daniel Hepper (Userlike)
  • Amin Jorati (Zalando SE)
  • Gunajit Kalita (Assam Engineering College)
  • Evgenii Koriagin (Zalando SE)
  • Nico Kreiling (Scieneers )
  • Robert Kübler (
  • Simon Kufeld (Adevinta /
  • Johannes Lyda (Volkswagen AG)
  • Lei Ma (Zalando SE)
  • Lipi B. Mahanta (IASST)
  • Kolja Maier (Inovex GmbH)
  • Mats Maiwald (Zalando SE)
  • Annemarie Paul (KN)
  • Anja Pilz (Damedic)
  • Florian Platau
  • Kristian Rother (Academis)
  • Mridul Jyoti Roy (Assam Engineering College)
  • Rahul Roy (Tata Consultancy Services)
  • Alexander Rühe (Volkswagen AG)
  • Angshuman Saikia (Barclays)
  • Sofia Saldarriaga Jimenez (Königsweg)
  • Rakesh Sarma (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
  • Frithjof Schick (Zalando SE)
  • Dominik Schüssele (Inovex GmbH)
  • Amrollah Seifoddini (Zalando SE)
  • Pulkit Singh (Tiger Analytics)
  • Daria Skoropad (Adevinta /
  • Sandor Toth (Zalando SE)
  • Denis Volk (Toptal)
  • Paul Walter (Zalando SE)
  • Verena Weber (Amazon)
  • Franz Wöllert (PyData Südwest Heidelberg/Mannheim)
  • Alexandra Wörner (Scieneers)

The program committee also thanks those volunteer reviewers who chose to remain anonymous.