Object-oriented design is a fundamental programming paradigm that is widely used in software development. In Python, the data class decorator introduced in Python 3.7 provides a concise and efficient way to define classes that store data. For this talk, we will spotlight the benefits of using Python data classes for object-oriented design and demonstrate how they can improve your code’s readability, maintainability, and efficiency. Examples and best practices for using data classes in a variety of contexts will be presented, we’ll compare their performance and features to other approaches such as traditional classes and named tuples. We will also discuss the trade-offs and limitations of data classes and provide guidance on when and how to use them effectively. Data classes can be a powerful and elegant tool for Python developers seeking to implement efficient and maintainable object-oriented design.

Busayo Awobade

Busayo is a Computer Science undergrad in his final semester at University. He does machine learning engineering at Nazari AI, an open-source opinion-mining analytics platform. He also does resource-efficient machine-learning research with his friends, an interest he intends to further in a Ph.D. program. He is the current AI community lead for his university and he joggles it with his many other commitments at the university. He is also a self-acclaimed paintball champion.

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